Omnisend Review: Pros & Cons With All Features


Omnisend is the comprehensive ecommerce and marketing automation platform that helps you sell more by converting your visitors and retaining your customers. Reach your customers with personalized messages using powerful automation workflows and increase your sales. Grow your subscriber list with a wide variety of subscription forms and send out conversion newsletters created with the easy-to-use editor. Omnisend works with all eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, and others.

Who Uses Omnisend?

Omnisend provides advanced marketing automation tools for ecommerce marketing experts that outperform generic email marketing platforms.


Omnisend has a free version and offers a free trial . The paid version of Omnisend is available starting at US $ 16.00 / month .

Starting Price:                                                                                      $ 16.00 / month View Prices

Free Version:                                                                                         YES

Free Trial:                                                                                                YES

Omnisend: Implementation And Support


  •  E-mail / Help Desk
  •  Knowledge base
  •  24/7 (direct assistance)
  •  Chat


  •  Cloud, SaaS, Web


  •  Online live
  •  Documentation
  •  Videos

Omnisend Features

  •  API
  •  Actions triggered by event
  •  Campaign analysis
  •  Participation analysis
  •  Sales Analysis
  •  ROI analysis and monitoring
  •  Drag and drop
  •  Marketing automation
  •  Customer database
  •  Customizable CTAs
  •  Marketing calendar
  •  Drip campaigns
  •  Multichannel communication
  •  Dynamic content
  •  Customizable branding
  •  Email distribution
  •  Customizable forms
  •  Lead generation
  •  Campaign management
  •  Contact management
  •  SMS marketing management
  •  Model management
  •  Data import and export
  •  Third party integrations
  •  Multichannel marketing
  •  Email marketing
  •  Social marketing
  •  Activity panel
  •  Personalization
  •  Social promotion
  •  A / B testing
  •  Landing pages and web forms
  •  Segmentation
  •  Campaign segmentation
  •  Activity tracking
  •  Website visitor tracking
  •  Email follow-up

Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend’s pricing method is slightly confusing. There are a few free and paid plans. The pricing differs based on the number of subscribers you have and the plan you want to choose. The number of emails you can send per month also based on the subscribers you have. So you have to pay close attention when you choose your plan. Let us look into their free plans first.

Free Plan

Omnisend free plans work differently from other email marketing tools. When you create a new Omnisend account, the Startup Plan is activated for you. On the Startup Plan, you will not get many features. You will get only 500 credits per month to send emails. With this plan, you will be able to send only 500 emails per month on this plan. You won’t be able to create any of the signup forms and automation workflows.

Omnisend allows you to connect online stores of various e-Commerce platforms like ShopifyBigCommerceWooCommerce, etc. When you connect an online store with the Omnisend account, the Trial Plan is activated for you. The plan gives you 14 days to test all features of the Pro Plan features. Credit card details are not required to activate this plan. 

The Free plan is activated for you if the 14-day trial period is over and if you do not upgrade to a paid plan during that period.

Paid Plans

Pricing for the paid plans is decided based on the number of subscribers you have. Their Standard and Pro plans have a limitation in the number of emails you can send per month. In case you run out of email credits before your billing period ends ( monthly or annually), you will be able to refill email credits. Omnisend allows you to pay your plan fee monthly or annually. When you choose to pay your plan fee annually, you can save up to 22% of the total fee. Omnisend provides three paid plans:  

  1. Standard plan
  2. Pro plan
  3. Enterprise plan


There are a few ways you can contact Omnisend for support. Omnisend provides 24/7 Email and Chat support. You can also contact them via Facebook Messenger. The Pro and Enterprise plan customers get priority support on which you get a response in 5 minutes.



  • Omnisend quite nicely connects with Shopify stores to create targeted segments, personalized email campaigns, and flexible automation on Shopify stores.
  • Omnisend’s support for multiple channels (email, SMS, and web push notifications) is useful to reach a wide range of audiences.
  • Omnisend provides multiple ways to import contacts to the email list. Contact synchronization is available for a few third party applications.
  • Their email editor is easy to use, and the e-commerce blocks help to included e-commerce product details on emails.
  • Omnisend offers a few preset email automation templates to get started quickly for beginner level users.
  • Omnisend quite nicely integrates with most of the popular e-commerce platforms and a few other marketing platforms.
  • Their free plan is free forever until you choose to upgrade to a paid plan. During the free plan, 15000 mails can be sent with a limitation of a maximum of 2000 emails per day.


  • There are limited templates for email campaigns and landing pages.
  • There is only one email list is allowed per account. 
  • You need to have some kind of third-party e-commerce store to use their free plan.
  • Pricing is based on list size and the number of emails sent per month. There is a limitation on the total number of emails sent for their Standard and Pro plan.
  • There is no feature to test your emails for spam.


Omnisend’s deep integration with e-commerce apps like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce makes it an ideal tool for small and medium-scale e-commerce businesses. Omnisend offers several ways to import and synchronize subscribers’ data. Easy to use editor helps to create personalized email campaigns. Their automation features extensively use customer data, campaign engagement, and shopping behavior, enabling users to create sophisticated e-commerce automation. Their multi-channel automation helps businesses to reach a wide variety of customers. You can extend your email marketing with 40 plus third-party integrations. The free plan allows users to send 15,000 emails per month, which is ideal for startup businesses to grow their email lists.

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